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Ladles Camwear assortment
SKU 3086B7
Cambro LD85A110
Tongs Camwear scallop grip
SKU 3090F7
Cambro 12TGS110
Tongs Camwear scallop grip
SKU 3090D7
Cambro 6TGS110
Tongs Camwear scallop grip
SKU 3090F2
Cambro 12TGS404
Kool touch hh/ss serving spoon
SKU 1215D9
Vollrath 46917
Tongs Camwear flat grip
SKU 3090A0
Cambro TG6135
SKU 1181A9
Vollrath 46790
Spoons serving Camwear
SKU 3087F7
Cambro SPOP11CW110
Spoons serving Camwear
SKU 3087B0
Cambro SPO10CW135
Tongs Camwear flat grip
SKU 3090A61
Cambro TG6133
Kool touch hh/ss slt ser spoon
SKU 1215C9
Vollrath 46919
Gravy ladle
SKU 1214A9
Vollrath 46940
6 inch snail tongs
SKU 1176A9
Vollrath 46760
Tongs Camwear flat grip
SKU 3090A2
Cambro TG6404
Bar spoon 11" s/s twirl
SKU 3168A9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLKBS011
Short handle ladle 1 oz
SKU 1214B9
Vollrath 46941
Mirage?¦ Serving Tong 8
SKU 23433B9
American Metalcraft PTS9
Ladle 2 oz spout
SKU 1216B9
Vollrath 46907
Belaire?¦ Knife serrated
SKU 23443A9
American Metalcraft KN135
Carving knife-windway
SKU 1193L9
Vollrath 46652
Mirage?¦ Cold Meat Fork
SKU 23433J9
American Metalcraft SW11CMF