Food Baskets

Food baskets are a type of food storage where food are placed and displayed when serving. There are many kinds of food baskets, like conical food baskets for wrapped food, plastic food baskets for onion rings and French fries, metal food baskets for an assortment of breads and dessert, as well as woven food baskets for different types of bread and pastries. They are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and capacities to meet your needs. They are made from different materials like metal, plastic, polypropylene, rattan, and willow, which are durable and will last for a long time. They may be sold individually or in sets, and are offered in a range of prices that will satisfy any budget. These, and other essentials like baskets, wire baskets, metal baskets, wall baskets, gift basket supplies, wire storage baskets, wall baskets, bread baskets, wire mesh baskets, wire basket storage, wire baskets for storage, hanging wire baskets, fryer baskets, etc., are available at restaurant supply or catering supply stores.
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Half size flatware baskets
SKU 3372B71
Cambro 8FBNH434151
Food baskets oval brown
SKU 5020A6
Thunder Group, Inc. PLBK1034B
Food baskets round brown
SKU 5020C6
Thunder Group, Inc. PLBK008B
Bread Basket 8 dia. black
SKU 23359A9
American Metalcraft BLLB81
Half size flatware baskets
SKU 3372A71
Cambro 8FB434151
Fry Cone Holder/Stand
American Metalcraft SSFC7
Bread Basket 6 x 9 oval
SKU 23364A9
American Metalcraft OSC9
Basket 20 x 13 black
SKU 23366A9
American Metalcraft SBBL13202
Thatch Basket 8 dia. x
SKU 23402B9
American Metalcraft FRUB12
Basket rectangular 21"L x
Thatch Basket 8 dia. x
SKU 23402A9
American Metalcraft FRU11
Cone 20 oz. 7-14 x 12H
American Metalcraft XX-SQFBCN20
$0.00 Not available
Breading basket 12" coarse
SKU 5216C1
Thunder Group, Inc. PLBB012C
Breading basket 10" coarse
SKU 5216B1
Bread Basket 9 dia. black
SKU 23359D9
American Metalcraft BLSB93
Basket 6 x 9 wavy side
SKU 23328A9
American Metalcraft WSB69
Basket 8 wavy side mesh
SKU 23328C9
American Metalcraft WSB82
Breading basket 10" medium
SKU 5217B1
Thunder Group, Inc. PLBB010M
Breading basket 8" coarse
SKU 5216A1
Go-Go Basket 6W x 9L
SKU 23342F9
American Metalcraft WCW69
French Fry Basket 4-1/2
SKU 23373A9
American Metalcraft FWB4