Plastic Tumblers

Plastic tumblers are often used in facilities where durability and ease of cleaning are top priorities. There are many types of plastic tumblers, like cups, glass, lid, saucer, squat tumbler, and tumbler. They are available in different dimensions to meet your needs. In addition, they are available in various capacities, from as small as 8.3 ounces, to as much as 14 ounces. These plastic tumblers are made from different kinds of materials like plastic, polycarbonate, and polypropylene, which are durable and will last for a long time. They are often sold in sets or cases, and are offered in a range of prices to match your budget. These, and other essentials like coffee mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, tea cups, glassware, plastic containers, espresso cups, champagne glasses, coffee cups, tumbler cups, champagne flutes, paper plates, plastic wine glasses, plastic cups, tumblers, plastic champagne flutes, plastic plates, drinking glasses, pint glasses, solo cups, jello shot cups, Styrofoam cups, personalized cups, plastic shot glasses, cocktail glasses, clear plastic plates, tumbler glasses, stemware, coffee tumblers, etc., are available at restaurant supply stores.
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Squat tumbler, 9.5 oz. sentry
SKU 630-311SSN
Cook's Brand 630-311SSN
Tumbler 8 oz polycarbonate
Cambro 800CW152
Tumbler 5 oz polycarbonate
Cambro 500CW152
Tumbler 9.5 oz polycarbonate
Cambro 950CW152
Tumbler 16 oz polycarbonate
Cambro 1600CW152
Tumbler 12 oz polycarbonate
Cambro 1200CW152
Tumblers Del Mar 12 oz.
SKU 3042B0
Cambro D12152
20 oz SAN stackable
SKU 3454G5
Carlisle 522054
Tumblers Colorware
SKU 3047D0
Cambro 800P2152
8 oz SAN stackable tumblers
SKU 3454B0
Carlisle 552607
5 oz SAN stackable tumblers
SKU 3454A0
Carlisle 550107
Tumblers Del Mar 8 oz.
SKU 3042A0
Cambro D8152
Tumbler swirl ice tea 6 oz
SKU 7596A9
Dinex International XX-DX4GC607
$0.00 Not available
16 oz SAN stackable
SKU 3454F0
Carlisle 521607
Tumblers 12 oz clear SAN
SKU 2027C0
Carlisle 5212-207
5 oz SAN stackable tumblers
SKU 3454A23
Carlisle 550110
9-1/2 oz PC stackable tumblers
SKU 3456C0
Carlisle 5109-207
Tumblers Camwear
SKU 3046H0
Cambro HT22CW135
Tumblers Colorware
SKU 3047N0
Cambro 2000P2152
Tumblers Colorware
SKU 3047B0
Cambro 500P2152
Tumblers Colorware
SKU 3047L0
Cambro 1600P2152