Ramekins, also referred to as a bouillon bowl, is a small glazed ceramic or glass serving bowl used for the preparation and serving of several dishes like crème brulee, French onion soup, molten chocolate cake, ice cream, soufflé, etc. They are built to withstand high temperatures because they are frequently used in ovens or exposed to the flame of a cooking torch. Traditionally, they have a circular shape with a fluted exterior, but they also come in other shapes like flowers, hearts, or stars. They are made from durable material like stainless steel, porcelain, plastic, and melamine, which are durable and will last for a long time. They are available in different sizes and capacities to meet your needs. They also come in different colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. These ramekins are offered in a range of prices that will satisfy your budget. These, and other essentials like dinnerware sets, dishes, ramekins, cookware, cake pans, butter dishes, crème brulee torches, casserole dishes, bakeware, silicone bakeware, baking pans, baking dishes, muffin top pans, cake pans, serving bowls, white dishes, soufflé dishes, custard cups, enamel cookware, serving dishes, baking pan sizes, Pyrex bakeware, bakeware sets, etc., are available at restaurant supply stores.
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San ramekin 3 oz smooth
SKU 7128A7
Carlisle 4312303
3 oz smooth ramekins
SKU 3516D1
Carlisle S28002
Ramekin 2 oz bone smooth
SKU 2020C12
Carlisle 85242
Ramekin 2 oz scalloped
SKU 2016A7
Carlisle 4394203
Melamine ramekins 1-1/2 oz
SKU 7132A7
Carlisle S27503
Ramekin 2 oz scalloped
SKU 2016A1
Carlisle 4394202
Ramekins 1.5 oz black color
SKU 2099A7
Thunder Group, Inc. ML507BL1
Ramekins 4 oz black
SKU 5060D7
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538BL1
Ramekins 4 oz red
SKU 5060D2
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538RD1
Ramekins 4 oz bone
SKU 5060D12
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538B1
Ramekins 4 oz green
SKU 5060D4
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538GR1
Squound?¦ Sauce Cup 2 oz.
SKU 23636B9
American Metalcraft SQSC20
Ramekins 2 oz green
SKU 5060B4
Thunder Group, Inc. ML536GR1
Ramekins 1.5 oz heavy duty
SKU 5058A7
Thunder Group, Inc. ML534BL1
Ramekins 2 oz coral
SKU 5060B2
Thunder Group, Inc. ML536RD1
Ramekins 3 oz black
SKU 5060C7
Thunder Group, Inc. ML537BL1
Ramekins 4 oz blue
SKU 5060D5
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538BU1
Ramekins 4 oz cobalt
SKU 5060D51
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538CB1
Ramekins 4 oz yellow
SKU 5060D3
Thunder Group, Inc. ML538YW1
Ramekins 1.5 oz cobalt
SKU 2099A5
Thunder Group, Inc. ML507CB1
Ramekins 2 oz yellow
SKU 5060B3
Thunder Group, Inc. ML536YW1