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Every facility, no matter what size, needs maintenance and janitorial supplies. Whether you need cleaning chemicals, products for material handling and storage, or basic maintenance items, Cook's Direct has the selection you need. If you have questions about the janitorial supply products on our site, call one of our experts toll-free at (866) 506-3048 or email us at customerservice@cooksdirect.com and we'll be happy to help you.
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Matting non-slip 3' x 5'
SKU CR3660 In stock
Superior Manufacturing Group T30U0035BL
Mop bucket correctional
SKU C33539YW Low stock
Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG759088YEL
Matting non-slip 3' x 5'
SKU CR3661 In stock
Superior Manufacturing Group T30U0035RD
Matting non-slip 3' x 10'
SKU CR3611 Ships from mfr
Superior Manufacturing Group T30S0310RD
Universal dolly for 32 and 44
SKU CN3255 Low stock
Carlisle 3691103
Disposable bath/mop towel
SKU 630-573 In stock
Berk Wiper International, LLC SCR-1200BT-5
Grizzly blow dryer green
SKU 30017A4 Ships from mfr
B-Air/Intertex, Inc. GP-1
Mop bucket combo 36 quart
SKU UMBK9 In stock
Henry Foodservice Products Co. MBK-9
Container 50 gal roll-away
SKU CA345050 Ships from mfr
Carlisle 34505023
Fiberglass/threaded handle
SKU HD104 RED In stock
Carlisle 4022505
Broom push omni sweep 24''
SKU CA41881 Low stock
Carlisle 4188100
Dust pan with lobby broom
SKU CA361411 Low stock
Carlisle 36141503
Floor sign caution wet floor
SKU NP107 Ships from mfr
Deck brush, 10'' hi-lo with
SKU CA40422 Low stock
Carlisle 4042200
Wet floor cones orange 18 in.
SKU LAG13 Low stock
Continental Commercial Product 125ORENG
Broom upright yellow
SKU CA4108204 In stock
Carlisle 4108204
Floor sweep 18''W
SKU CA40626 Low stock
Carlisle 36762424
Deck brush 10'' hi-lo yellow
SKU CA40423 Low stock
Carlisle 4042304
Brushes clean up 8'' handle
SKU CA546 Low stock
Carlisle 4054602
Wood/threaded handle 60'' L
SKU HD101 In stock
Carlisle 4027100
Floor sweep 18''W
SKU CA40625 In stock
Carlisle 36761824