Bain Maries

Shop our extensive selection of Bain Maries for sale! We have plastic bain maries along with stainless steel ones. The modern chef has endless recipes and the bain marie it vital to producing a wide-menu. You can use a bain marie to keep food warm along with simply keeping ingredient temperature under control. Shop our wide-selection below.
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Bains Marie 22 qt container
SKU 4033I1
Carlisle 220002
Bains Marie Lid 12-18-22 qt
SKU 4033J1
Carlisle 120202
Bains Marie 6 qt container
SKU 4033D1
Carlisle 060002
Bains Marie 18 qt container
SKU 4033H1
Carlisle 180002
Bains Marie 12 qt container
SKU 4033G1
Carlisle 120002
Bains Marie Lid 6-8 qt
SKU 4033F1
Carlisle 060302
Bains Marie 2 qt container
SKU 4033A1
Carlisle 020002
Bains Marie Lid 2ø3-1/2 qt
SKU 4033C1
Carlisle 020302
Bains Marie 3-1/2 qt
SKU 4033B1
Carlisle 035002
Bain marie pot 1.5 qt
SKU 5082A9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM001
Bain marie pot 8.25 qt
SKU 5082G9
Bain marie pot 3.5 qt
SKU 5082C9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM003
Bain marie cover 2 qt
SKU 5083B9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM008
Bain marie pot 6 qt
SKU 5082F9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM005
Bain marie cover 3.5 qt
SKU 5083C9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM009
SKU V-79080
Vollrath 79080
Bain marie cover 1.5 qt
SKU 5083A9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM007
Bain marie cover 6 qt
SKU 5083F9
Thunder Group, Inc. SLBM011