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The range is the workhorse in any bar, restaurant or commercial kitchen. Today Chefs need a range that will heat food evenly to ensure a well cooked meal. We offer commercial ranges in a wide range of models and variants including: Heavy Duty Ranges, Medium Duty Ranges, Restaurant Ranges, Stock Pot Ranges and Wok Ranges. Depending on what your cooking requires any one of these ranges will get the job done. The most important attribute for a good commercial restaurant range is even heat. Without even heat the Chef cannot maximize their cooking efforts.

At Cook's we have partnered with the top manufacturers like Garland, Vulcan (some of our most popular commercial ranges), and Wolf Range. We also carry a variety of accessories for commercial ranges. We have a wide selection of Range Hoods, burner plates, and Hood Filters. If you don't find the accessory for your commercial equipment, please give us a call at 866-506-3048. One of our foodservice equipment experts will be sure to help you with all your needs.
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Buffet Range counter unit
SKU DKR-S2 Manufacturer Ships Direct
Cadco, ltd. DKR-S2
Buffet Range counter unit
SKU KR-S2 Manufacturer Ships Direct
Cadco, ltd. KR-S2
Cast Iron Range counter
SKU CC-KR-1 Manufacturer Ships Direct
Cadco, ltd. KR-1

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