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Cook's Direct is the most reliable source of quality commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant, deli, bakery, or pizzeria. We carry all essential restaurant equipment required by a high volume foodservice environment including bars, restaurants, institutions, catering companies and more. Our commercial kitchen equipment is in use by customers across the United States ranging from small diners to massive correctional facilities.
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Ice machine up to 1533 lbs
SKU 5524T9 Ships from mfr
Scotsman C1448SA-32
Bin for C1448SA-32B &
SKU 5524U9 Ships from mfr
Scotsman B948S
Ice bin 22"W holds 370 lbs
SKU 5527A9 Ships from mfr
Scotsman B322S
Ice bin 30"W holds 536 lbs
SKU 5527B9 Ships from mfr
Scotsman B530S
Ice Bin top-hinged
SKU 5524G9 Ships from mfr
Scotsman B330P

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