Storage and Transport CAMBRO

A cart is an easy way to save money and transport ingredients around a commercial kitchen. Cook's Direct carries storage carts of all sizes and types for your kitchen needs. Our carts come in various sizes and capacities. Find the storage carts your restaurant or commercial business needs with Cook's Direct. Food prep carts are mobile making it easier to transfer your ingredients to other parts of the business or facility. Keep your food prep running smoothly in the kitchen with these ingredient carts.
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Storage container white
SKU PC544 In stock
Cambro 182615P148
Ingredient bin 27 gallon
SKU IB27ST Ships from mfr
Cambro IBS27148
Storage container clear
SKU PC524 Low stock
Cambro 182615CW135
Camcart for 12 x 20 pans
SKU UPC1600 BROWN Ships from mfr
Cambro UPC1600131
Ingredient bin 44 gallon
SKU IB44C Ships from mfr
Cambro IB44148
Round Storage Container 6 qt.
SKU CW600RC In stock
Cambro RFSCW6135
Lock-Tight lid white
SKU PC547 Low stock
Cambro 1826CP148
Ingredient bin 37 gallon
SKU IB32ST Ships from mfr
Cambro IBS37148
Camshelving 4 shelves by
SKU CB24604 Ships from mfr
Cambro CPU246072V4480
Lock-Tight lid clear
SKU PC527 In stock
Cambro 1826CCW135
Storage container white
SKU PC542 Ships from mfr
Cambro 18269P148
Slotted dunnage 60 x 21 x 12
SKU DR60S Low stock
Cambro DRS600480
Ingredient bin 34 gallon
SKU IB36C Ships from mfr
Cambro IB36148
Storage container clear
SKU PC522 Ships from mfr
Cambro 18269CW135
Ingredient bin 32 gallon
SKU IB32C Low stock
Cambro IB32148
Camcart, heavy duty plastic
SKU CB1826 BROWN Ships from mfr
Cambro 1826DTC131
Camsquare container 6 qt
SKU PC822 In stock
Cambro 6SFSCW135
Camsquare 12 qt clear
SKU PC824 In stock
Cambro 12SFSCW135
Storage container round 6 qt
SKU CW600RL Ships from mfr
Cambro RFS6PP190
Camcart for 12 x 20 pans
SKU UPC1600 GREEN Ships from mfr
Cambro UPC1600519
Slotted dunnage 48 x 21 x 12
SKU DR48S Ships from mfr
Cambro DRS480480